Ciaobrow Step 1,2,3 Lamination Combo Trio


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Ciaobrow Step 1,2,3 Lamination Combo Trio

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The main 3 products for a lash lift treatment in a handy bundle!

Step 1 - Our Relaxing Solution
Ciaobrow lamination lifting cream has a much gentler approach, we have reduced the chemical percentage whilst still giving maximum results!
The longer processing time (up to 10 minutes) eliminates the over-processing of brow hair.

  • 1 box of Ciaobrow Lamination Lifting cream contains 15ml.
  • 10 x 1.5 ml sachets.

Step 2 - Neutralising Cream is a dual product and the most important part of Ciaobrow Brow Lamination & Lash Lift.
Step 2 has a shorter application time and is packaged in handy sachets which promote hygienic working while minimising product waste (roughly 1-3 clients per sachet).

  • 1 Box of Ciaobrow Lamination Neutralising lotion contains 15ml.
  • 10 sachets per box (1-3 clients per sachet)

Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Step 3 - Nourishing Cream
Step 3 of the Brow Lamination & Lash Lift process involves the application of a nourishing serum that serves a dual purpose for both Ciaobrow Brow Lamination and Lash Lift. This is the final step of the process.

  • It’s a Conditioning serum that cares for, nourishes, and sets both treatments.
  • In handy bottle 50ml
  • For 40 -50 treatments

Purchasing the set provides a saving compared to buying all the products separately

A patch test behind both ears MUST be done 48 hours prior to any treatment. • Assess brows for timings (check hair texture) • Apply a barrier around the outside of the brows (Vaseline) • Using the applicator apply Step 1 (quickly ) to both brows, apply in an upward motion avoiding the tips of the hair • Remove any excess product from the skin *Set the timer to required time* Work the product through the brow in an upward motion • Apply cling film, and leave for 2 minutes • Remove the film and gently work the product through the brows with your applicator/microbrush in an upward motion while assessing brows. • Re-apply cling film clean side down and leave for a further 2 minutes • Remove film • Work product through the brow in an upward motion, while assessing brows. Continue to do this for the remaining time. (Work gently as the brows are delicate) • Once processed GENTLY remove with a WET cotton pad in an upwards motion, ensuring no residue is left. Work carefully, the brows at this stage can be delicate • Spot any stubborn hairs individually with the product, and leave for 1 minute, or until relaxed. Remove with a wet cotton bud • Apply Step 2 to both brows, ensuring all hair is covered. Comb in the desired shape • Cover with cling film holding hair in shape • Leave for 2 minutes • Remove cling film gently work through the brow and leave for the remaining time (6-8 minutes) • Remove Step 2 with a DRY pad or cotton bud in an upwards motion • Set the brows into the desired shape • Tint and wax if necessary • Apply Step 3 generously and brush brows into the desired shape. Please ensure this solution remains on for 12 hours • Keep brows dry for 48 hours To maintain healthy brows use Ciaobrow Oil daily. TIMINGS • Step 1: 4-12 minutes • Step 2: 6-8 minutes • Step 3: Must be left on for 12hrs this helps the brows to set into the desired shape BROW GUIDE • Thin or fine brow hair: 4-6 minutes • Normal healthy brows: 6-8 minutes • Coarse strong brows: 8-12 minutes * Spot individual hairs where necessary* AFTERCARE It is extremely important to advise the correct aftercare • Keep brow dry for 48 hours • Use Ciaobrow Oil daily • Avoid swimming/saunas /exercise for 24 hours • Avoid direct sunlight • Do not apply Retinin-A AHA or exfoliate the brows for 72 hours • No self-tanning products for 1 week prior and 48 hours after treatment Should any itching, swelling, or irritation occur remove the product gently with clean water apply a cold compress and seek medical advice.


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Ciaobrow Step 1,2,3 Lamination Combo Trio

Ciaobrow Step 1,2,3 Lamination Combo Trio