Ciaobrow Brow Lamination & Lash Lift - Dual Kit

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15ml Step 1 Brow Lamination cream
15ml Step 1 Lash Lifting cream
15ml Step 2 Neutralising cream
15ml Step 3 Moisturising cream
Lash bonder
10 pairs of Lash pads
5 pairs of mixed shields ( 2 x sm 2 x med 1 x Lg )
3 Y Combs
Lash lift and separation tool                                                                                        Angled Brow Brush                                                                                                  Cioabrow Brow Oil
50 Microbrushes

PLEASE NOTE -  Due to the high TGA level in Ciaobrow lash lift we do not recommend this product to be used on brows, only use Step 1 Brow Lamination. 

Ciaobrow lash lift steps 2 and 3 are the same product as used for Ciaobrow Lamination.