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What makes Italwax Glowax Kit the perfect choice for professionals?

The complete system for hygienic hair removal treatments:

      • Disposable capsules for a 100% hygienic waxing procedure.
      • A compact and convenient wax heater designed for small area hair removal procedures((ie small areas such armpits, bikini or face)
      • Ideal for beauticians who perform mobile waxing services to customer’s home (easy transportation and storage)     
      • It's a complete system for hygienic hair removal treatments 

The kit contains:

      • 1 wax heater,
      • 1 power cord,
      • 1 removable aluminium capsule (already inserted in the wax heater),
      • 2 bags of hot film wax in granules,
      • 2 sachets of cosmetic talcum powder,
      • 1 bottle of “pre-wax gel”,
      • 1 bottle of “after wax emulsion retardant effect”,
      • 20 disposable wooden spatulas “Medium”,
      • 10 disposable wooden spatulas “Eyebrows”,
      • 1 instruction leaflet,
      • 2 sachets of “wax warmer cleaning wipes”.