InLei® F PLUS Liquid sanitizer for tools and silicone curlers 500ml



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Ready-to-use cleaning and sanitizing solution, specially developed for lash and brow artist tools.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Specific for InLei® silicone tools and curlers
  • It does not require dilution
  • Formula odorless
  • Contents: 500ml
  • To removeany traces of dirt from tools or silicone curlers.
  • In case of dye and/or glue residues wash tools and curlers under running water with soap.
  • Immerse the tool to be disinfected inInLei® F PLUS.

InLei® FPLUS is a ready-to-use cleaning and sanitizing solution. It is a disposable liquid which, with its double action, cleans and sanitizes all work tools and does not need to be diluted. Its odourless formula is not absorbed by the delicate silicone, therefore it does not create discomfort when used.

If necessary, after this procedure, both tools and curlers can also be sterilized.

  • Bactericidal effect= 5 minutes
  • Fungicidal effect= 20 minutes
  • Virucidal effect= 30 minutes
  • Sporicidal effect= 30 minutes
  • PH 11

Do not leave to soak longer than the indicated times.





1.Thoroughly cleanse the client's eyelash area with InLei® Mousse. 2. Ensure that lashes are well rinsed with InLei® Saline Solution. 3. Apply eyepatches to secure bottom lashes. 4. Place the appropriate size of the InLei® Silicone Shields on the clients eyelids, securing it with InLei® Fixing Gel. 5. Start aligning the lashes and continue with all steps of the treatment. 6. To finish the treatment, dispense a few drops of Filler 3 and apply evenly to lashes, using it to remove any leftover tint and/or Fixing Gel and unstick the lashes from the silicone shields. 7. Remove silicone shields from the eyelids with a little water on a microfibre brush. Clean the eyelids and brush the lashes. IMPORTANT: It is advisable to wash the silicone shields very well with detergent soap immediately after removing them from the eye, in order to keep them transparent for as long as possible. When they become very dark due to repeated use of dyes, they must be thrown away and replaced. Autoclaving can help lighten them. To disinfect them correctly, it is recommended that you use a special disinfectant liquid for professional tools such as InLei® F PLUS.
- Contains one pair of each size: S, M, L, XL, S1, M1, L1, XL1 (8 pairs in total) - Reusable up to 15 times - Created from 100% platinum silicone - Safe to sterilise in autoclave
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